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ljsuicidepatrol's Journal

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do you know a friend or a loved one on the www that is talking about taking their life? are you thinking about taking your own life? are school, work, or relationships bringing you down? well you've come to the right place. the LJ SUICIDE PATROL team are here to help. we understand how difficult it can be talking to a friend who is bent on ending their life and sometimes you only make things worse when they dont want your help. we're here to serve as an intervention squad of sorts. depending on the severity of the case we will either do one of the following:

  • leave a comment on their journal or contact them via aim or other form of instant messaging to be a counselor or to offer advice

  • have multiple members of the LJSP "intervene" and console them on their journal to try to rememdy the situation
  • or the last resort; notify their case to LJ authorities and have LJA notify their local police department and send out medical emergency help to either rescue them or check on them if you are really that worried about them or if the situation looks to be that serious

now im sure you're wondering what it is that YOU can do to make a difference. first of all if you know anyone who is talking like they might try to kill themselves or are freqently doing things that are harming themselves (i.e cutting) then make a post / report to us giving us their lj name, breif background of the case at hand, and if you dont mind (its not mandatory but..) your relationship to the person (e-pal, irl pal, online bf/gf, irl bf/gf etc). post it in this community and one of our team members will handle the case accordingly.

we at LJ SUICIDE PATROL care about the safety and well being of others and will always answer any case swiftly.


now you may be asking "how can i be so certain this will even help?" and if you're asking that dont feel bad, its a valid question. however after speaking with the maintainer mikeyfache (aka mikeyface) he gave me permission to use him as a testimonial for the LJSP. mikey was having a difficult time with relationships and school and parents and just over-all life was bogging him down and he felt like he didnt have a genuine reason to live any longer. he made a post explianing how he was thinking about taking his life. mchammer, now moderator of the LJSP, quickly jumped into play and given the seriousness of mikey's suicide note she notified LJ and not even 10 minutes later the police were at mikey's apartment. if it were not for the cops showing up to check on mikey he would have died from a large amount of overdose from prescription pain killers.

now mikey is the maintainer and owner of the LJ SUICIDE PATROL ^___^


we dont have any rules but we do ask that all posts be made FRIENDS ONLY to protect our members and clients. also if you know someone in real life who is thinking about killing themselves dont be a dumbass and waste your time online. call 1-800-SUICIDE today to get help for them.

thank you,